Expected Results – Handbook

The Pedagogical Handbook aims to provide in depth information, basic concepts, definitions and innovative methodological approaches on marine pollution in School Education. This product will be developed on the basis of the theoretical framework and competencies identified within the Curriculum and the Technological Developments in Marine Pollution (O1, O.2). The Pedagogical Handbook aims to be a useful tool, complementary with other practical products of the project. It will provide a deep insight including:

– Theoretical introduction, approaches and general notions on marine pollution.

– Conceptual knowledge and methodological aimed at school teachers, educators and counselors.

– Pedagogical approaches and assessment methodologies.

– Successful and inspiring experiences on marine pollution

– Useful information, additional readings and recommendations.

Through the Pedagogical Handbook will pursued the teachers to familiarize with the platform, the technological developments in marine pollution and the serious computer games in order to be able to apply them in their schools context.

The Pedagogical Handbook will base on interactive pedagogical methods and will combine the theory of Sustainable Development and Environmental Pedagogies in order to support the teachers to understand how to use the the serious computer games and e-leaning platform more effectively in a holistic way, in various and diverse ways. It will include learning scenarios, Environmental Techniques, examples and activities on how to use the ICT tools. Also, it will provide activities for using the e-platform in various subjects as geography, biology etc, providing them with the opportunities to develop their lessons and environmental programs based on marine environment.

The Pedagogical Handbook will be an Open Educational Resource (OER) available in English and in the respective languages of the consortium, and accessible through the  project site. All the project partners will participate in the production and subsequent dissemination of this product, contributing to maximize the knowledge and use of this product among its potential target users.