The Final Conference aimed to present all the final outcomes of the project in an integrated way in order to maximize the impact of the results achieved in the course of the project implementation and raise maximum awareness around the project, by organizing a major event in Crete and inviting all interested stakeholders to take part, not only from the Consortium and Crete, but also from all possible countries and organisations. The Final Conference was held at FORTH on November 21st 2019. Aim of the  Final Conference was not only to present the project and its outcomes but also to maximize and raise awareness on marine pollution, by understanding the scientific, but also various other environmental and systemic aspects of marine pollution. To this end various invited talks were held, apart from the presentation of the project and the innovative educational and electronic tools produced. More than 65 people participated at the Final Conference, with more than 40 participants namely teachers, educators, school directors, governmental representatives in the area of education and environment from Crete, apart from the international participants and members of the project Consortium. During the Final Conference, the outcomes of the use of the new integrated educational Sea4All material in classroom, and in different levels of education were also presented. Also, after the end of the formal Final Conference, two parallel Workshops followed, with methods and ideas of practical use for the Sea4All educational and electronic material for the primary and secondary education. During Registration, all participants received a hard copy of the Pedagogical Handbook in Greek (in form of a box with 10 different leaflets containing 10 different issues each). All participants were very impressed by the Handbook giving them an extra motivation to use it in the classroom.

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