Expected Results – Curriculum

Aim of the creation of a training curriculum will be to be used for the teachers’ professional development in the issues of marine protection and conservation. The training curriculum development will be based on the combination of three professional development models: the Collaborative Resource Development and Adaptation Model, the Action Research Model and the Whole‐of‐System Model, in order to provide to the trainers and the trainees various and diverse opportunities to use it indoors (in school) and outdoors in various environmental settings as Environmental Education Centers, coastal areas, sea museums, aquariums, labs, etc. The training curricula will use the ESD teachers competencies adapted to the specific issue of the project. 

Taking in consideration : a) that the issues of marine environment are critical, b) that the teachers feel incompetent to work with them because of the nature of those issues, their particularities and their complexity, c) the absence of a comprehensive training curricula that will focus to the teachers competencies in that issues, we consider that this training curricula will bridge the gap between theory and praxis, since practically will familiarize the teachers with the handbook activities and platform in a concrete and holistic way and will equip them with tools, ideas, lessons that will support and make the able to work with those issues more concretely. The training curricula will operate as a model of training for the marine issues in the educational context, which considered as an issue of great importance since there is lack of a relative training curricula.

The curricula will be separated in sections with activities based on handbook, e-platform and game. Each activity will encompass the expected learning outcomes, the competencies and skills that will be pursued as well as methodologies and implementation. The training curricula will be developed as a course of 20-25 hours, and will be flexible enough, in order to give the possibility of embedding various contexts. Finally it will be evaluated during the pilot trials for teachers and students for additions and improvements.