The multiplier Event aimed to maximize the impact of the results achieved in the course of the project implementation. To maximize impact two Multiplier Events were scheduled by RDPSEC. One was mostly a Workshop in Heraklion and the second took place at the Chryssi island near Ierapetra as a Field Study, in order to raise awareness among the teachers, as this is a small island with no inhabitants but with a very fragile environment. The Workshop was held at FORTH on October 9th, and it was more workshop-oriented in order to present and explore not only the new educational tools but also the electronic. (All participants had to bring their laptops along). At the Workshop around 32 teachers, educators, school directors, and governmental representatives in the area of education and environment, took part, while at the Field Study 22 people participated mainly from the region of Lasithi (East Crete) including teachers, educators, scientists and members of the Consortium, as this was a different experience valuable for all members. At the Multiplier Event in Heraklion, the Sea4All project and its outcomes were presented along with the achievements. All outcomes and innovative tools (educational and electronic) were discussed and feedback collected. Also two workshops were conducted on the innovative educational and electronic tools.

At the Field Study, a first presentation of the project, its achievements and its tools took place, especially for the teachers who were not present at the Mutliplier Event and in continuation the Field Study on the island, took place under the guidance of the Educational.

Results and Feedback

Teachers mostly liked the high quality of the material and the connection with the e-game. They also appreciated the complementarity between educational and pedagogical handbook that was found very important for in depth preparation of their work. The presentation of competences and their relation with the goals for sustainable development, the principles of transformational learning through the teaching and learning material, the examples of micro-teaching session that were offered with the in doors and out doors workshops gained their attention and their interest.

In conclusion, teachers and educators who attended the multiplier events, were very enthusiastic and expressed their satisfaction from their participation at seminar and field study. They also expressed the need for a follow up initiative on the same subject. After this experience, RDPSEC with the Center of Environmental Education of Ierapetra decided to propose the creation of a network of schools in order to work on marine pollution issues based on the output, results and materials of Sea4All project. In order to prepare the ground, the RDPSEC planned a series of conferences all over Crete where it will be presented in details the principles, aims and outputs of the project while the participants will get the hard copy of the pedagogical handbook

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