To maximize impact the Multiplier Event was held at the School Inspectorate of Arad on the 3rd of October 2019 with 38 participants namely teachers, educators, school directors, governmental representatives in the area of education and environment, apart from the officials from the Municipality and other institutions in town. During the Event, the Sea4All project and its outcomes were presented along with the achievements. All outcomes and innovative tools (educational and electronic) were discussed and feedback collected.

Results and Feedback

Apart from the presentations on the project and and the educational and electonic tools that were created, during the Event, also relevant issues were discussed like: a) the importance of the students to be taught starting with an early age of the problems regarding the environment and the duty of the citizens to take care of it and save it when and if necessary, b) the interest and impact that the project Sea4All had in schools among young students, c) the digital competences that students aquired during the Sea4All project (as an example of good practice), e) examples of experience with the work in the project. She talked about the everyday problems encountered but also about what were the strong and weak points of working with students for such activities, f) the game was a complete success in the pilot schools in Romania.

Click here to download the agenda of the event.