To maximize impact two Multiplier Event were held in the University of Cardiff on the 23rd and 27th of September 2019 with 21 participants in total, namely teachers, educators, school directors, governmental representatives in the area of education and environment, as well as scientists and students. During the Event, the Sea4All project and its outcomes were presented along with the achievements. All outcomes and innovative tools (educational and electronic) were discussed and feedback collected.

Results and Feedback

The first Sea4All multiplier event at Cardiff gathered four participants from Schools and Local Education Authorities in South Wales, together with a mix of students and postgraduates. A total of 10 people attended this first event. It led to very lively discussions between participants. Of particular importance were the participation of the new School Officer and Inspector for Schools in South Wales, who provided plenty of feedback during and after the multiplier event. There were important discussions regarding teaching material, South Wales’ syllabi in Schools, and effective ways to deliver Sea4All’s material during the presentations and e-learning/e-game tests.

The second of the Sea4All multiplier events held at Cardiff was attended by five participants from Schools around Cardiff and, once again, the Local Education Authority in South Wales (CSC – Seven postgraduate students from Cardiff University also attended the event, for a total of 11 people. Compared to the first event, there was less time devoted to discussing the game, but the professional audience was keen on posing questions about how the e-learning modules and the e-game.

The Representative from CSC was very impressed with the potential applications of the e-learning modules to change the schools’ curricula in Wales. All participants thoroughly enjoyed to play with the e-game.

Click here to download the agenda of the event.